5 Ways Chiropractic Care in San Antonio TX May Surprise You

5 Ways Chiropractic Care in San Antonio TX May Surprise You

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Chiropractic care helps with back pain, right? Correct, but that’s not the only thing chiropractors help with. People seek our chiropractic care for help with vertigo, sleep problems, scoliosis, sciatica, workplace injuries, and more.

Your chiropractor in San Antonio TX is more than a “back” specialist. They focus on spinal health and the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. They have a deep understanding of how our bodies are put together. They know where the trillions of nerves in our bodies travel and the bones that may come out of alignment and disrupt our health.

Many of our nerves are in our backs. This makes sense when we consider that the nerves are carrying important information from our brains to the rest of our bodies. Our spines are adjacent to bundles of these nerves. When one of the 24 interlocking vertebrae in our spinal column is improperly aligned, it can cause issues anywhere in the body. An irritated nerve can cause pain, tingling, or numbness. It can also mean that the message the nerve is supposed to communicate to part of our body can get disrupted. If the nerve is supposed to tell our leg to move, our leg may feel numb. If the nerve is supposed to carry messages about spatial awareness, we might find ourselves with a terrible case of vertigo.

With this understanding of chiropractic care in mind, let’s look at some of the ways chiropractic can help you improve your health.

1. Your Digestion

This is an area that particularly surprises people. While there are many issues that can cause digestive issues, sometimes the case is improper spinal alignment. The nerves that send messages about your stomach health travel near your spinal column. Disrupted messages can show up as symptoms like stomach discomfort. Many find that after chiropractic care, their digestive issues surprisingly improve.

2. An Increase in Energy

If your body has to work harder to get around pain or other issues caused by improper alignment, it’s going to take up a lot of your energy. Often, people don’t realize how stiff or sore their bodies were until after a chiropractic adjustment when those symptoms are relieved.

3. Breathe Easier

Yes, chiropractic may make it easier for you to breathe. Your lungs need properly functioning nerves in order to work their best. When misalignments are naturally fixed with chiropractic, this can reduce inflammation in the lungs. This helps people breathe better.

4. Improve Your Posture

If you don’t think much about your poor posture, it’s time to! Your chiropractor can work with you on tips you can employ in your daily life to improve your posture once and for all. They can also perform chiropractic adjustments that will help.

5. Pain Relief For Arthritis

Chiropractors work with people to improve their joint health all the time. Through gentle chiropractic care focused on the joints, they can help improve your joint alignment. They can also work with you to create an overall health plan that includes at-home solutions to reduce inflammation and lower your pain levels.

Does Your San Antonio TX Chiropractor Know Your Health Goals?

Think of your chiropractor as your teammate on your wellness journey. They are your best ally to reach your goals. Even if you don’t think it’s something your chiropractor can help with, they can talk to you about specialists who will be able to help.

For natural solutions to your health problems, talk to your chiropractor at Cross Timbers Chiropractic today.



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