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Chiropractic San Antonio TX Carpal Tunnel

There are a number of ways to approach Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, including medications and surgery. These are invasive, come with possible side effects, and make many patients feel powerless as they struggle to find solutions that work for their pain. While these options may be the best for some, many find that addressing carpal tunnel with chiropractic care in San Antonio TX  is their best option for relief.

The Connection Between Carpal Tunnel and Chiropractic

Carpal tunnel syndrome (sometimes abbreviated to CTS) happens when the median nerve is compressed as it goes through the carpal tunnel, a word used to describe the eight bones in the wrist the nerve travels through.

Chiropractors are experts in the natural alignment of the body. They are most commonly known for helping people with back and neck problems because they perform non-invasive cares that align the spinal column. When bones come out of alignment, they tend to irritate and/or compress nerves. There are many nerves near the spinal column. This makes it common for misalignment to occur and to then touch nerves, causing pain in various parts of the body.

In the same way that a chiropractor may gently realign the spinal column to help the body find natural alignment, they also care for joint pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Chiropractic Care Provides Relief For CTS in San Antonio TX

For patients with carpal tunnel, it’s important to have professionals at their back. No one suffering from chronic pain should have to do it alone.

When you visit a chiropractic clinic, your first appointment is different from the follow-ups. During your first clinic visit, you will tell your chiropractor about your symptoms. Do you experience numbness? Where? Pain? Do certain activities make it better or worse? What about the time of day? How long have you noticed your symptoms? What care have you tried in the past?

They will then perform an exam and first care. The chiropractic care will gently help your body move into alignment. The median nerve travels through your wrist and along your forearm, up to the elbow. Chiropractic care may focus on both the elbow and wrist. This should provide some relief of symptoms and give a better look at what care would be like moving forward.

Together, you and your chiropractor can create a care plan. This will likely include visits to the office, and also more tips on how to care for your wrists while at home or on the job. An experienced chiropractor will help you find the care that works for your individual needs. While there are similarities in how CTS affects people, it’s different for everyone. This makes it more important to have someone on your side willing to learn about your symptoms and what works for you.

Find the Right Solution For You

While it’s a good thing that there are so many options for carpal tunnel syndrome, because it means there is a solution out there for you, it can also be overwhelming. Should you take prescription medications? Should you look into ultrasound therapy? Will wrist supports really help? Is it time to consider surgical options? Do you need to find another line of work to avoid further injury to the wrist?

The sooner you address carpal tunnel syndrome, the better your outcome will be. It’s important to make progress as soon as possible. For this reason, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor, get a diagnosis, and move forward on care plans.

Many patients find relief from chiropractic care at Cross Timbers Chiropractic to be one of their best comforts. The non-invasive cares come without side effects and can help the body naturally find relief.

Do you have questions about chiropractic care and carpal tunnel in San Antonio TX? Contact our team today.



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