Can Chiropractic Care in San Antonio TX Help Disc Injuries?

Can Chiropractic Care in San Antonio TX Help Disc Injuries?

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Chiropractic care can help with spinal health. Because there are different types of disc injuries, there are different ways your chiropractor helps people with these types of injuries. In all types, most patients find that chiropractic care helps manage the pain that comes with a disc injury. San Antonio TX chiropractors also help patients find the right tools and techniques for recovery unique to their injury.

Types of Disc Injury in San Antonio TX

The main types of disc injuries you’ll hear about are herniated discs (also known as slipped discs), bulging discs, and ruptured discs.

The spinal column has discs between most of the vertebrae in your spinal column. From your neck down to your tailbone, the discs function as cushions between the vertebrae. Your spinal column has to be very flexible to handle all the movement of your daily activities, and your discs keep that working properly.

In the case of a herniated disc, one of the discs has slipped out of proper alignment in the spinal column. This often happens in the lower back or neck, but it can happen anywhere along the spinal column. You may feel pain in the place of the disc injury, or you may experience a numb arm or pain shooting through your leg. This is because the disc is pressing on a nerve, which is sending the symptoms of the disc injury elsewhere. Chiropractors are experienced in diagnosing these types of injuries.

To better cushion the vertebrae, discs have gel-like centers. Sometimes, these centers are injured.

In the case of a bulging disc, the gel-like center would appear to be squished to one side. This puts it at risk of further injury and can feel very painful.

In the case of a ruptured disc, the gel-like center has broken completely.

Chiropractic Care for Disc Injuries

Your chiropractor knows that every disc injury is unique. So you can expect your first appointment at Cross Timbers Chiropractic for your disc injury to include a thorough exam and a lot of listening to your symptoms. Your chiropractor will address your pain seriously and with the care it deserves.

This may mean they are examining your entire spine, even when you told them your neck hurts. Chiropractors know that pain in one place could mean injury there or elsewhere. They also know that injury in one place could affect other places along the spine. For this reason, they will be sure to do a thorough exam to protect your health.

After this, your chiropractic care may include gentle spinal manipulation. It may also include soft tissue therapies, graded mobilization, and talk about the ways you move during the day and strategies for making that easier. There may be stretches or other tips your chiropractor offers to help you address pain as it arises.

The gentle spinal manipulation may sound intimidating when your spinal column is in pain, but this is never a quick and abrupt cracking of the spine. This is a gentle and natural method where your chiropractor may gently manipulate the spinal column to allow it to naturally move back toward natural alignment, or at least away from the nerves it’s hurting.

Because of the nature of disc injuries, your chiropractor may also recommend other spinal specialists for you to visit, especially if you need surgery. Your chiropractor in San Antonio TX will work with you and your other team to make sure you are finding pain relief on your journey toward healing.



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